Voicemod is a multimedia creation studio made up of a group of young people committed to improving communication between people through fun. We enjoy our work and take great care with our creations down to the finest detail. We love what we do and how we do it.

One of our greatest aspirations is to connect with people.

We are a highly creative multidisciplinary team with over 10 years experience within the wolrd of multimedia creation. We always try to have a balanced and comprehensive vision of the projects which we work. We like people to appreciate the personal touch behind our ideas.

Creativity with no boundaries o prejudices is what motivates us : If we can imagine it… We can make it…

Having a good idea is just the tip of the iceberg. Our creations are subjected to a constant barrage of ideas, while always on the look out for easy to follow user friendly solutions for everyone.

This way, our apps are transformed into a whole new world of possibilities, multiple functions and connections.

We've chosen voicemod as our first presentation. We are both keen and curious to see the effect our app will have on people. We feel an immense responsibility in that respect.

We hope to connect with you and your imagination. Meantime, please enjoy our proposals and be happy.

...to Carmen, Jose Luis & Mª Pilar, Javi, Miguel & Mavi, Tesi, María, Rocío, Kiko, Cesar and the rest of the family for your support and patience. To Amelia, Neula & Pedro, Paulette, Pau and Mao for your cooperation, laughter and modulations! To Manolo, Xarli, Fernans, Sapone, Luis, Rubén and Nico for your work and involvement.


iphone 4 · voicemod
logo voicemod

voicemod, a different voice changer.

Are you ready for a unique experience? Voicemod is not to hear
your voice modulated, is to feel that your voice has changed.

Plug in your headphones and
enjoy the voicemod experience!

in real time

You can play around with your new voice changing the result instantly.

But more than that, by sliding your finger across the screen you will be able to do different voices at the same time.


voicemod starts with nine presets carefully chosen: cosmos, dark father, megaphone, robote, dj trip, exorcist, story, walkie-talkie & idiotizer.

Modulate each presets as you like and get the voices and sounds you want.

save & share

Share your recordings easily on facebook, twitter or mail (more soon).

Create your own library with your characters, sounds and stories on iTunes.

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Requirements: Available for iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4s and iPod Touch 3th generation or later. Requires iOS 4 & iOS 5 · Unsubscribe from our newsletter.